About Me

” Sometimes Music helps us to understand whom we can fly with .. “

“I’m Giuliano, i’m a pianist and a
self-taught composer and like a
self-taught, i can miss in a lot,
or very much, but it may happen that maybe i can hear more,

               or much more..”



” Forse la Musica non puo’ far la felicità, ma puo’ rendere unici i tuoi momenti, e l’unicità è diversa dalla felicità.. “

My Little Dog - Listen to SoundCloud

Flying Over The Sea And The Mountains - Listen to SoundCloud

Autumn In Love - Listen to SoundCloud or Spotify

WesternGuitar - Listen to SoundCloud or Spotify

On the Sea with You - Listen to SoundCloud or Spotify

DelicatoRicordo - Listen to SoundCloud


” Non saremo mai… se non sapremo di cuore. “

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On the Sea with you - Buy on Amazon

Westernguitar - Buy on Amazon

Autumn in love -  Buy on Amazon

My Heart and my music (2017)


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